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. . .  I was browsing the net today for new tattoo ideas to finish my “art” sleeve and decided to look up some Miss Van pieces. She’s one of, if not my favorite female artist. She’s from Toulouse and got into dope graffiti in the 90s, painting her thick-with-it girly characters which range from super cute to sexual and mysterious.

. . .Her art embodies all elements of feminism to me and her work continues to evolve over the years.

Here are a few pics that I  love from a piece she did for the Art In The Street Exhibit at LA MoCA last year:

She also teamed up with a fashion designer friend and has her artwork on apparel now and I LOVE it!  I neeeeed these leggings in my life!



. . . On February 14th, while most girls were looking for teddy bears and candy, i was waiting for LOVE. Not the emotion, but the new Spring/Summer collection from Fresh.I.Am. . . After weeks of previews and teases via instagram, it finally arrived and it was LOVE at first sight, as I knew it would be.

. . .Although probably most known for their unique and dope hats, Fresh.I.Am offers shirts, bags, and other need-to-cop accessories.

. . .With the ill designs and mix of deep reds and golds the collection is a combination of sophisticated and indie.  This season’s look and overall visual marketing plan is sure to get the brand more noticed than ever before.

Here’s The Video Lookbook For The New Collection:

. . .While i’m deciding on which pieces to cop, you guys can skip me in line and shop for fresh shit here:

❤ – Lindsey.

. . . heartless girl with so much passion for art and life. barbie did a million things, so can i. creating things envisioned in my mind, hoping to reach out. while dreaming of pink lambos and a malibu beach house. ❤

. . .life tips from lindsey:
+ thrifting isn’t just for poor people
+ he doesn’t hit you because he loves you O_o
+ most internships suck.cherish good ones
+ never settle with existing inside of that box they always speak about
+ kegel daily
+ nerdy girls > dumb pretty girls
+ don’t be a hypebeast
+ erykah badu holds the secret to success between her thighs
+ for your brain’s sake, you must balance out listening to waka, gucci, 2chainz, or future with classical music. jazz. adele. or amy.
+ when you fall, get back on that horse and ride it like Seabiscuit!

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