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. . .this editorial is probably like a month old now, but I love it SO much. plus the recent news of terry and lindsay having a temporary sexual fling and her wanting him now makes it semi-relevant again. here are a few of the pics from the shoot done for LOVE magazine.




. . . heartless girl with so much passion for art and life. barbie did a million things, so can i. creating things envisioned in my mind, hoping to reach out. while dreaming of pink lambos and a malibu beach house. ❤

. . .life tips from lindsey:
+ thrifting isn’t just for poor people
+ he doesn’t hit you because he loves you O_o
+ most internships suck.cherish good ones
+ never settle with existing inside of that box they always speak about
+ kegel daily
+ nerdy girls > dumb pretty girls
+ don’t be a hypebeast
+ erykah badu holds the secret to success between her thighs
+ for your brain’s sake, you must balance out listening to waka, gucci, 2chainz, or future with classical music. jazz. adele. or amy.
+ when you fall, get back on that horse and ride it like Seabiscuit!

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